Poultry Insurance

Poultry Insurance is what we do.  We can insure your poultry operations, property, trucks, birds and more. And, we can shop our “hen house” of companies to provide you some comparisons when ever possible.

“What came first the Turkey or the Egg?”

What comes first a quote or an application? This is an easy one folks.  When it comes to providing insurance consulting and risk analysis it all begins with the application.  And before the application it begins with us getting to know a little bit about you and what your experience has been with other agents and carriers.

What happens next is for us to gather as much information about your operation and past insurance history as possible. This generally requires an application and some supplemental forms with important questions that will help us to best determine what your exposures and needs are.

Once we complete this information gathering our in house broker will review the information before sending out to our Poultry & Farm Underwriting specialists.  Once the underwrites have the information they may ask a few more questions based upon the information you provided.

Then, here it comes.. the Turkey Egg!  lol.. no just kidding.  We will get a quote or quotes for you to review.

The Quoting Prosses & Review

Reviewing the quote is very important. The terms and conditions provided by the various carriers can be substantially different from one another or they can be very similar.

We will either meet with you in person, perform an online document sharing session or work with you over the phone.  Once we have answered all your questions and you are satisfied we will explain the payment options and any further underwriting requirement, if any, that would need to be met.

We can then send you the applications by fax, email or by DocuSign service.  DocuSing is an eSignautre service that will allow you to sign your insurance forms and disclosures via an email and esignature.  For more information on DocuSign please visit DocuSign.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,

S Valencia